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RE: [Xen-devel] what happens when a PoD page is touched?

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> > I've not seen any slowdown on boot with any version of Windows until
> > I go to actually do the balloon down...
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> In that case I guess your slowdown is caused by touching the pages.
IIRC you
> will encounter a sweep every time you touch a pod page and the cache
> exhausted. The sweep should reap all zeroed pages and hopefully fill
the cache
> so the sweep should not be invoked too often. Try using the
> allocator.

So avoiding the sweep is the thing to do then?

Where does the sweep start? Does it sweep in physical address order from
lowest address to highest? If I allocated some memory with a low
physical address and zero'd it and then didn't touch it would that be
found first?

Alternatively, I balloon down 1MB of memory at a time - if I could set
aside 1MB of memory that was filled with 0's and could somehow tell xen
to use that memory first then it might speed things up too yes?



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