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RE: [Xen-devel] A simple question of CPU emulation in Xen

> > Could i have the configuration u refer to? In hvm file?

> I did something like this to give my DomU the lowest common feature
> set between my AMD and Intel based servers for live migration:
> cpuid = [ '0:eax=0x3,ebx=0x0,ecx=0x0,edx=0x0',
> '1:eax=0x06b1,ecx=xxxxxxxxxxx0000xx00xxx0000000xx0,edx=xxx00000xxxxxxx0xxxxxxxxx0xxxxxx',
>           '4:eax=0x3,ebx=0x0,ecx=0x0,edx=0x0',
>           '0x80000000:eax=0x3,ebx=0x0,ecx=0x0,edx=0x0']

In addition to this xend syntax xl in 4.1 and later supports a more
friendly syntax, described in the commit message for 22217:27c01a2e2a47.


> But I haven't tried it in a while so I can't tell if it still works as
> it should. I do know that Silverlight won't install with the above
> because it requires some feature that I've masked out.
> There are some other examples in the example configs I think.

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