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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 8] tools: libx[cl]: support alternative HVM firmware

The following series makes it possible to use any ELF file as the
initial HVM domain firmware and begins to setup libxl to cope with

Primarily this involves making the HVM domain builder happy and behave
correctly with unaligned firmware images and changing the libxl API to
refer to "firmware" rather than "hvmloader".

It is possible that this will turn out to be the right approach for
supporting SeaBIOS, although this isn't confirmed yet so I haven't
proposed removing any of the hvmloader changes I proposed and I
include the final patch ("load SeaBIOS directly rather than via
hvmloader") here just as a proof of concept rather than for

I understand that the people working on integrating tianocore support
are also interested in this functionality so I'm posting the series
before the SeaBIOS side is really figured out, there isn't really
anything seabios specific here.

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