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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH 0 of 3] Patches for PCI passthrough with modified E820 (v3) - resent.

On Thu, 2011-05-12 at 18:41 +0100, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote: 
> > Can you actually allocate and use (nearly) all of that 4G? (modulo
> > kernel allocations/overheads etc). The above doesn't really show that
> memhog 4G worked great.. but then I noticed it started slowing down and
> it was using the swap disk?

I guess the I/O holes shadowed the RAM and hence it is basically wasted.

> Anyhow, seems that if you are using RHEL5, SLES11, you need to be carefull to
> use 'memory' and 'maxmem'.

Hrm, changing behaviour for existing guests isn't so nice, at least not
without a way to turn the behaviour off, perhaps we do need an explicit
cfg file variable to control this after all?

>  With the PVOPS, need to balloon up and you are OK.
> Thought I do want to see about writting the code that would automatically 
> balloon
> back to the amount of memory that was deflated.

I wonder if just writing the correct balloon target to xenstore while
building the guest would be sufficient for the guest to balloon up once
it's up?


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