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[Xen-devel] Interrupt issue for nic cards

Hi, all.

I'm running the latest Xen unstable with Debian Squeeze as DomU in HVM mode.

I configured two nics:

vif = ['bridge=br0,model=virtio', 'type=ioemu,bridge=br0,model=rtl8139']

These two cards can be successfully configured in DomU. But they fail
to communicate with host bridge.

I can see packets coming out their taps, but no packets are going back
into DomU.

Stefano suggest I look into /proc/interrupts. It shows:

11      0    IO-APIC-fasteoi   eth0
48      0    PCI-MSI-edge   virtio0-config
49      0    PCI-MSI-edge   virtio0-input
50      0    PCI-MSI-edge   virtio0-output

It seems that there are no interrupts for those nic devices. I'm
pretty sure that QEMU has pushed the data back and set interrupts
(through msix_notify / qemu_set_irq).

Has anyone encountered this problem before?

Best regards
Wei Liu
Twitter: @iliuw
Site: http://liuw.name

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