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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: 2.6.39-rc6 does not boot on Xen 3.3.1


Indeed it did not, but 2.6.38 booted just fine, so something has changed.

Are you able to bisect?

I was going to do that but there was a huge pull shortly before rc6.
I wanted to check no one was going to say "oh yes, we disabled
3.3.1 support", rather than say:

Yes, so we should fix it.

^- that :-)

There was only one line of kernel output which was the one
I pasted! Just "Xen Platform PCI: unrecognised magic value" then

In which case I think you need to remove "quiet" from your command line
and add "debug" instead and ensure your console= line is correct. You
could also try using the earlyprintk option to see if that produces more

Doh! I bet it's Ubuntu's default quiet option. I'd assumed I had
full output because of the "Xen Platform PCI: unrecognised magic value".

Do you get any output on the hypervisor console ("xl dmesg" or "xm
dmesg" depending on toolstack).

I will look. Would a full .config help too?

Alex Bligh

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