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Re: [Xen-devel] Proposal: vif-local

>> For site-specific reasons, I use the network-route/vif-route scripts. I
>> have found that we need to maintain a few custom firewall rules in order
>> to make things operate in an acceptable manner. I'd like to see a place
>> to put such scripts and any other site-specific setup related to bringing
>> up a vif. Keeping this separate from vif-route is useful so that the
>> installed scripts may be kept unmodified.
>> What I have come up with is vif-local, a script that lives in
>> /etc/xen/scripts. I modified vif-route to call vif-local right before
>> it logs "Successful..."
> I think it would be better to be more general and support a vif-post.d
> style directory which can contain scripts all of which are called (with
> a defined set of paramters/env variables).
> Not sure if we want vif-{route,bridge,etc}-post.d or not, perhaps that's
> overkill. Using -post.d leaves open the option to add -pre.d in the
> future as necessary.

I have attached a patch against Xen 4.1.0 that implements a vif-post.d
system. I only support the Linux hotplug case at this point.



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