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Re: [Xen-devel] Upstream QEMU not working with Xen unstable, lacks option definitions

On Fri, 6 May 2011, Ian Campbell wrote:
> > As for serial, I use serial='pty', too. It works fine with qemu-dm
> > from xen-tools. However, it is not working when I use upstream QEMU.
> > The upstream QEMU doesn't write anything in
> > /local/domain/DOMID/serial/0/tty . If I manually write this entry, xl
> > console will work as expected.
> Oh, yes, I use the following local patch and had forgotten about it, not
> sure how upstreamable it is, perhaps we might need to get libxl to query
> this via QMP and write the result itself or something.

Yeah, the patch doesn't look great but at least it is using xenstore
just to store informations and not as an RPC mechanism.
In any case at some point we'll have to add QMP support to issue commands to
Qemu (see PCI passthrough) and retrieving the device name by QMP would
certainly be preferred by the Qemu maintainers...

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