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Re: [Xen-devel] VGA passthrough on unstable

On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 07:33:46PM +0800, Liwei wrote:
> (Pardon me if I broke any rules or this post doesn't belong to this list)
> I forward patched yesterday's copy of the unstable repo in an attempt to
> get VGA passthrough working for a Nvidia GTX460 on a HVM DomU.
> (Surprisingly, it wasn't hard at all to get the patches in - getting
> them to work is another ongoing story)
> The patches were based on this post:
> http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenVGAPassthrough
> I dumped the card's BIOS using nvtool as per the post's instructions.
> The only major change was that the BIOS ROM setup code was shifted
> into its own file and some adjustment was needed for that. I'll create
> a new patchset once I get this fully working. I also hope to push this
> into being accepted by the devs for future releases by allowing the
> user to configure this option and provide his own BIOS dump (instead
> of hardcoding everything).

Being able to specify which vgabios file to load would be great..
Feel free to send patches!

> My card doesn't seem to support FLR, since xend complains about being
> unable to reset the device.
> With or without the
> qemu-claim-cycle-for-secondary-gfx-passthrough.patch, the secondary
> graphics card does not show anything at all (maybe because it is
> behind a PCI-E bridge?), and xl list seems to show the guest consuming
> all CPU resources.
> However, using the primary graphics card, again with or without the
> secondary passthrough patch, it actually managed to partially work
> booting up the Windows 7 install. It manages to reach the pulsating
> windows logo before BSOD-ing with 0x0000000A (IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL).
> Meanwhile, the logs show a lot of:
>    pt_pci_read_config: Error: Failed to read register with invalid
> access size alignment. [00:05.0][Offset:0eh][Length:4]
>    pt_pci_read_config: Error: Failed to read register with invalid
> access size alignment. [00:06.0][Offset:0eh][Length:4]


So did you apply the vBar == pBar patches ?
Did you modify them to fit your hardware? 

-- Pasi

> Reduced the amount of allocated memory to 4096MB will introduce video
> corruption in the pulsating logo, followed by the same BSOD.
> Reducing the amount of allocated memory to below 2048MB or 1024MB will
> cause a 0x000000A5 BSOD (BIOS ACPI not compliant).
> Attempting to boot the same setup (with 8192MB of memory) with vCPU
> set to 8 produced slightly different behaviour. Qemu seems to crash
> and reboot a few seconds after the pulsating windows logo appears
> (earlier than before the BSOD appeared before). At this point, it
> should be noted that the 8 vCPU and 8192MB configuration worked with
> 4.0. I couldn't test it in the patched unstable because VNC will only
> produce a white screen (wrong VGA BIOS executed?).
> Attempting to boot Ubuntu also produced similar results, except the
> log now shows errors similar to (I did not copy out the log before
> they were overwritten):
>    Error: Failed to write register with invalid access size
> The boot up seems to fail at trying to read from the emulated SATA
> drive though, something about interrupt lost, and keeps on trying
> again and again forever.
> With the above tests, I also unscientifically fiddled around with the
> pci_power_mgmt, pci_msitranslate, hap, hpet, pae, apic, acpi and
> viridian toggleable settings.
> I made no functional changes to the patches however, so maybe there
> was something that I had to change in order to customise it for my
> card. It'd be great if someone points that out to me if it is true.
> I cannot use my USB keyboard and mouse at all in all my tests with
> unstable, USB controller is passed in. USB works on 4.0 in the windows
> installer, but I haven't tested them before the installer boots, so it
> may be possible that passthrough is broken with my setup (does the
> BIOS initialise USB peripherals for use during boot?).
> So how should I proceed on from here?
> Setup details as follows:
> EVGA P55 Classified
> Intel i7 860
> 8GB Memory
> 2x Palit Nvidia GTX460 (Primary and secondary)
> Debian Squeeze
> Dom0 is 2.6.32+29 (From repo)
> PCI devices (Only those bound to xen_pciback are listed):
> (It should be noted that except for the primary GFX, all other devices
> are behind a NF200 PCI-E bridge)
> 0b:00.0 - Secondary GFX
> 0b:00.1 - Secondary GFX audio
> 01:00.0 - Primary GFX
> 01:00.1 - Primary GFX audio
> 0e:00.0 - Multiport network card
> 04:00.0 - Singleport network card
> 00:1a.0 - USB2 root
> 00:1b.0 - HD audio device
> 00:1d.0 - USB2 root
> PCI devices combinations tested (in each case, the audio is
> passthroughed with the GFX):
> (OT: Why doesn't multi-device BDF binding work on xen_pciback?)
> Primary GFX only
> Secondary GFX only
> Primary GFX + Secondary GFX
> Primary GFX + others
> Secondary GFX + others
> Primary GFX + Secondary GFX + others
> Attached: Log files produced by xend and qemu and config files
> (Sorry that only one set of logs are available, wasn't thinking
> properly when executing rm *.log)

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