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RE: [Xen-devel] Instability with Xen, interrupt routing frozen, HPET broadcast

> > I'm seeing similar issues.  If I disable C-states as Jimmy suggests
> > above, the problem goes away.  If I set the clocksource to 
> > pit, the problem goes away. It may go away also if I set the clocksource to 
> > pmtimer/acpi, or if I remove HPET from the list of available platform 
> > timers.
> > 
> We could not reproduce it, so no specific fix for it by far. 
> Have you tried the latest upstream?

So far, I haven't tried to reproduce with the latest upstream.
I will do that today if I can.
> When you mentioned clocksource, do you mean clocksource in 
> dom0 or in xen? I do think hpet broadcast code have nothing 
> to do with clocksource choice.
xen clocksource parameter.

--Mark Langsdorf
Operating System Research Center

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