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RE: [Xen-devel] PV Audio GSoC Project

> Hello, my name is George Boutsioukis and I'm a student at the
> Aristotle University in Greece. I submitted a GSoC proposal for
> implementing Paravirtualized Audio to Xen and this summer I will be
> working on this under the mentorship of Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk. This
> will be either a split-driver with an ALSA interface to the guest or
> an interdomain communication layer for PulseAudio; we are currently
> weighing these two options, but the latter looks better right now.
> This is a very brief description of the project, but if anyone is
> interested in getting more details about this feel free to ask. Keep
> in mind though that we are still at a very early stage.
> Any comments or suggestions regarding this project are more than
> welcome of course.

Is windows compatibility part of the scope of your project? I don't mean
a windows implementation, just making sure that the interface you
develop isn't going to painful to interface to Windows at some future
time. I find some frustrations in the existing interfaces (block,
network) in that they were written with Linux in mind and can be a
little painful to interface to Linux.


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