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Re:Re:Re:Re: [Xen-devel] some errors of pvonhvm : xen-blkfront

On Mon, 25 Apr 2011, topperxin wrote:
> Thank you, StefanoÂÂ Â ÂI have known that the first linux kernel version 
> which include the PVONHVM feature is 2.6.36. But
> now, the question I have to face is our clients always required us to support 
> other linux version, which not 2.6.36,
> perhaps 2.6.35,
> 2.6.34, 2.6.32... so I have to porting the PV drivers to these kernel version.
> ÂÂ Â ÂAt first, if the target kernel version isÂ
> 2.6.2X, I ported the pv-drivers based on 2.6.18,
> these work not very hard, and I successfully. such ubuntu 8.04(2.6.24), 
> debian5.05(2.6.26)Â
> But, if the target kernel version is 2.6.3X, these work seems very difficult, 
> I couldn't complete it, the biggest trouble
> is can't debug the xen-blkfront.
> ÂÂ Â ÂSince I known that the pv-drivers will be included in linux kernel 
> 2.6.36, I studied the changes of it, and I try to
> port them to ubuntu10.10(2.6.35), based on 2.6.36, the result is system can 
> boot successfully with xen-blkfront
> disk, but when I execute some commands such as:
> ls, mkdir...
> the system will be blocked, the phenomena just like before I have stated in 
> this mail.
> ÂÂ Â What should I do next? Is this method ok?
> Could you please tell me, when you write the xen-blkfront disk drivers for 
> linux kernel 2.6.36, how do you debug it when
> you meet errors?

I don't have a silver bullet, just add more printk's until you
understand what is going on :-)
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