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[Xen-devel] Re: [patch 1/1] hypervisor: Enable hypervisor detect pvhvm running on COMPAT mode

On 03/03/2009 06:46, "Joe Jin" <joe.jin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When 32bit pvhvm running on 64bit hypervisor, if guest OS create
> event-channel more than 32, Domain0 maybe could not communication
> with guest OS via new event-channel, also xenwatch thread state
> is TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE and could not got schedule, all inter-domain
> command almost no response.
> How to reproduce:
>     Try to with "xm block-attach" attach more disk to the pvhvm
>     guest, the issue will appear.
> This caused by hypervisor could not probe and decide if pvhvm guest
> running in COMPAT mode, and could set the right bits for guest os.
> Please review, thanks.

I checked in a larger but nicer patch as c/s 19266. Please test it.

 -- Keir

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