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Re: [Xen-devel] VMX status report 13125:8348f40ba2b7

At 11:20 -0600 on 22 Dec (1166786410), Woller, Thomas wrote:
> We are unable to boot any of our current HVM loopback/qcow guests (32b,
> 32bpae or 64bit hv - w/ windows or linux 32b/large/64b guests) with c/s
> 13132 on VT or on AMD-V boxes.  Have not tried installing new guests,
> just booting old ones.
> looks like c/s 13102 works, but c/s 13103 is where the issue seems to
> have started.  

Oh dear.  It works for me[tm], but cset 13103 did change the
boot code in the ROMBIOS.  There are no required changes to the
xm config files; it boots old guests in the same way.  
Can you confirm that the problem is there on VT as well?


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