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[Xen-devel] Problem of netfront by network-attach/detach

Hi All,

We tested the xm network-attach/detach command.
It repeats network-attach/detach command for DomU and pv-on-hvm on HVM Domain.
(network-attach → network-detach → network-attach → network-detach → ...)

If network-attach/detach command is repeated 13 times, the following errors

### netfront can't alloc rx grant refs
vif vif-13: 12 creating netdev
vif vif-13: 12 xenbus_dev_probe on device/vif/13

After that, the same problem occurred.

The environment is as follows.
・xen-unstable.hg : cs 13129
    DomU and pv-on-hvm on HVM Domain


Takanori Kasai

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