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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] yet another package check (take 2)

>Why do you want to run them straight out of the build area?  Just do
>export DISTDIR=/usr/local/xen-3.0.3
>make dist
>and you've got everything that you need, right there.  You'll probably have to
>fix a few hardcoded paths, but that should be easy.

I can't generally see the value of 'installing' if all that means is just 
copying. I'm
doing this with basically all other components I use non-distro versions of, 
problems. Xen is the first one to cause me real headaches here.

Also, the 'few hardcoded paths' seem to be scattered all around the various 
so it doesn't look like a rather simple job to (a) spot them all and (b) fix 


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