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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] CD-ROM cannot be changed

Hi Keir,

Thank you for reply.

Something as coarse-grained as 'xm block-detach/block-attach' would probably
work in this situation, as the CD device is unmounted during the install
process when waiting for next CD to be inserted.

When the GuestOS is installed on HVM domain, PV VBDs cannot be used. Therefore, block-attach/detach will not work in this case.

CD-ROM is able to be changed with qemu-dm console in installing HVM Domain.
I input it with qemu-dm console as follows.
# change hdc /dev/cdrom

Qemu-dm recognizes the next CD-ROM by this method. When I restart the installation, the following errors occur.
# The Package hwdata-0.146.22.EL-1 cannot be opened.
# This is due to a missing file or perhaps a corrupt package.
# If you are installing from CD media thish usually means
# the CD media is corrupt, or the CD drive is unable to read the media.

# Press <return> to try again.

I thought whether there is a problem on the qemu-dm. However, the same problem was able to be caused in Native Linux.

When there is a process in the state of opening CD-ROM, it is changed. All the data of changed CD-ROM was not able to be read. It was possible to read only by the size of CD-ROM before it changed it. Next, the process where CD-ROM has been opened is killed. Then, all the data of CD-ROM was able to be read. The process where it kept opening the CD-ROM device was xenwatch. Xenwatch keeps opening the CD-ROM device during creation and
the destruction of the domain.
Therefore, it is a cause that cannot be read even if CD-ROM is changed.
Do you think that you should correct it by what method?


Takanori Kasai

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