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[Xen-ia64-devel] [IPF] xen-3.0.4-RC1 functional test on IPF

Hi all,
    Generally speaking, this xen-3.0.4 RC1 does not change a lot,
compared with xen-3.0.3. 
    We did a basic functional test on the xen-3.0.4 RC1. We found three
1. SMP_VTI LTP performed slowly;
2. UPVTI booting speed is slow (150s or so);
3. The "cpus" item in the config file will not be available. (If we set
cpus="0-3", the VTI's affinity was still "any cpu" and could be vcpu-5 )
    We will go on to do a stress test on xen-3.0.4 RC1 and send the
report one or two days later. 

Platform : IA64
Service OS : RHEL4u3 IA64 with 2 CPUs
Guest os: RHEL4u2/RHEL4u3 VTI
Hardware : Montecito C0/C1
PAL: 8.47
Guest firmware: Flash.fd.2006.12.01
Xen package: 12901 in xen-unstable tree (xen-3.0.4 RC1)
xen0's sched: credit

Functional test:
Case                   status   case scene
Two_UP_VTI_Co        pass     Create 2 UP_VTI domain (256M memory each)
One_UP_VTI             pass     Create 1 UP_VTI domain with 256M memory
One_UP_XenU            pass     Create 1 UP_xenU domain (256M memory)
SMPVTI_LTP            fail    Create 1 VTI (vcpus=2 mem=512M) to run LTP
                      (Note: this failure means "can't finish within 80
SMPVTI_and_SMPXenU     pass     Create 1 VTI + 1 xenU with 256M memory
Two_SMPXenU_Coexist    pass     Create 2 xenU with 256M memory each
One_SMPVTI_4096M       pass     Create 1 VTI (vcpus=2, mem=4096M)
SMPVTI_Network         pass    Create a VTI (mem=256M) and ping hostname
SMPXenU_Network       pass     Create a xenU (vcpus=2) and ping hostname
One_SMP_XenU           pass     Create a smp xenU with vcpus=2
One_SMP_VTI            pass     Create a smp VTI with vcpus=2
SMPVTI_Kernel_Build    pass     Create a VTI domain (vcpus=4) and test
Four_SMPVTI_Coexist    pass     Create four VTI domains with 256M each
SMPVTI_Windows         pass     Create SMPVTI windows
SMPWin_SMPVTI_SMPxenU_Co    pass   Create VTI, xenU and VTI_Windows
UPVTI_Kernel_Build       pass      Create UPVTI and test kernel build in


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