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Re: [Xen-devel] hvm save restore support

On 13/12/06 8:09 pm, "Anthony Liguori" <aliguori@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So what are the plans for merging save/restore?
> If possible, it would be nice to see some changes first.  For instance,
> it seems a real shame to not use the existing QEMU format.  There's
> really no technical reason why a saved Xen VM shouldn't be loadable in
> QEMU (and vice versa).

Yeah, and it'd be nice if the image format were compatible with Elf core
dumps so we could use 'hvm save' to produce images for the crash utility.

Seriously though, we're not going to get easy compatibility with qemu --
there are assumptions in qemu about hardware layout. Picking one at random,
qemu assumes at most one io-apic with 24 pins. We have one io-apic with 48
pins. So that's not going to work. We could invest effort to make qemu (and
Xen) more flexible in terms of acceptable hardware setup but that's unlikely
to happen soon.

 -- Keir

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