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Re: [Xen-devel] hypercall to get kernel version information about guest

> Is there a hypercall to determine a guest kernel's version and type from
> the control partition?

Xen doesn't really know what is running in the guest, so it would be up to the 
control tools to sort out this sort of detail.

A possible way of getting this information would be one of the following:

a) add a xend command that fetches the name of the kernel in the domain's 
config file (and possibly looks in the file to figure out what kind of kernel 
it is)
b) add a xend command that asks the guest what kernel it's running (e.g. get 
the guest to publish uname information via Xenstore)
c) add the ability to map and examine guest memory directly to look for the 
kernel name string

I can see it would be very useful from a VM management perspective to check 
for this sort of thing.


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