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[Xen-devel] [RFC] CD-ROM cannot be changed

Hi All,

I tried to install GuestOS on HVM Domain.
I found the problem that was not able to be installed from two or more CD-ROM.
It is possible to install it from one DVD.

I investigated this problem.
After CD-ROM had changed, it was not possible to read correctly even
in cases other than the installation.

The cause of this problem is that xenwatch continues to open the CD-ROM device.
(/dev/cdrom etc)
The CD-ROM device is opened when the domain is created.
It keeps being opened until the domain is destroyed.
Therefore, only the size of the first CD-ROM can be read.

This patch was able to change CD-ROM by closing the device.
However, another problem might break out in paraVM.

Do you think that you should correct it by what method?
Do you have a good idea?

I think that it is necessary to reopen the device by telling vbd to have
Therefore, the change of CD-ROM is told from Dom0 by the xm command.
(xm block-configure etc)

I think that there is a method of closing the CD-ROM device only on HVM Domain,


Takanori Kasai

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