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Re: [Xen-devel] shadow_translated pv guests?

Tim Deegan wrote:
> At the moment, only the paravirt-ops kernels use translated mode, and
> they don't do explicit MMU operations to update their pagetables. 

Actually the paravirt_ops kernel does support full pv-mmu operation; its
use of shadow was a crutch from before I'd got all that going.  The main
reason pv_ops shadow mode is interesting at the moment is that 2.6.20
has the core of paravirt ops, but none of the mmu stuff, so we'll need
Xen to operate in shadow mode if we're to get it into 2.6.20.

That said, xen-unstable does still seem to have problems with shadow pv
guests; I've got !PAE to work, but PAE crashed Xen last time I tried.


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