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[Xen-devel] Driver domain questions

What is a driver domain? Is it an unprivileged DomU that has access to a PCI 
device as described in user doc section 5.3? In that case can the device it is 
using be virtualized for other DomUs? (I guess not but I just want to be sure 
there is no magic that can make this happen. â)

I understand that HVM Domains cannot have direct access to a PCI device. What 
needs to be done to make this happen? From a prior discussion with Mats, I 
guess there needs to be a way to inform the HVM domain of the existence of that 
PCI device. Does a PCI frontend need to be written for the HVM domain and OS 
drivers need to be made "virtualization aware"? Or is it enough to just have a 
PCI frontend and off the shelf drivers can be used?

Aravindh Puthiyaparambil 
Xen Development Team
Unisys, Tredyffrin PA

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