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Re: [Xen-devel] set_gdt failing in translated mode

On 11/12/06 8:12 pm, "Tim Wood" <twwood@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In get_page_type, I am getting this error message:
> Error while validating mfn 53be (pfn 1091) for type a0000000:
> caf=80000002 taf=00000000
> Digging down as deep as I can, the root error is in check_descriptor()
> because [b & _SEGMENT_TYPE) != 0xc00] is true, so the call fails.  I'm
> not 100% sure on the significance of that yet.
> I see that alloc_segdesc_page is calling check_descriptor() multiple
> times and that the first 30 iterations succeed.
> any advice? --thanks in advance,

What segment type are you seeing? Can you dump the offending descriptor? The
likely fix is to ensure that the guest does not poke this particular
descriptor type into its GDT, but if necessary we may be able to make the
descriptor-validation code a little bit more flexible.

 -- Keir

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