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RE: [Xen-devel] Live migration leaves page tables read-only?

> Solaris implements PROT_NONE by entirely invalidating the PTE (ie. it
> becomes zero). Hence our PTEs always had either zero or have the
> bit set.  The only exception to this was adding some fixage to allow
> for the old Xen writable page table approach which temporarily made
> the upper table non-PRESENT.
> So you can make not-present, but non-zero entries mean anything you
> As long as it's the guest OS that creates the entries, we'll just not
> it.

Just to be confirm: in Solaris there are no not-present PTE's that
contain machine addresses.

This means we need to implement the scheme that Keir suggested to enable
the guest OS to tell xen/xc_save/restore about flags in not-present PTEs
that should trigger a m2p conversion.


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