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Re: [Xen-devel] Maximum number of domains and NR_IRQS

On 7/12/06 8:55 pm, "Carb, Brian A" <Brian.Carb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks Keir - We changed NR_DYNIRQS to 768 and we were successfully able
> to bring up 200 VMs.
> Can we submit a patch to increase NR_DYNIRQS to 1024?
> brian carb - unisys corporation - malvern, pa

We'd take a CONFIG_NR_DYNIRQS patch (i.e., integrate with Kconfig). We'd
also love a patch that would make the IRQ space dynamically growable
(although I'm not sure how much impact this might have on non-xen-specific
irq code). Also potentially useful and easier to implement would be to make
the NR_DYN_IRQS selectable at boot time (i.e., via a boot parameter, or bump
it when the guest realises it is domain 0). But we don't want to change the
default for everyone all the time -- the current value is good for just
about everyone, and growing it just wastes space for most people.

 -- Keir

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