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Re: [Xen-devel] problem restarting xenstored

>>> Steven Hand <Steven.Hand@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 07.12.06 17:24 >>>
>>>You've lost me -- what are you trying to do?  Are you trying to start 
>>>multiple versions of xenstored during the same boot?
>>Yes- as the system's base configuration (obviously, as long as the xen package
>>is installed) tries to start xend. xend itself fails (due to mismatching 
>>change sets), but blktapctrl, xenstored, and xenconsoled all load 
>I've done this before by just killing the old xenstored - does this 
>not work for you? 

Only if the previous one is 3.0.2 and the underlying kernel/hypervisor is at
least 3.0.3. Otherwise, I can't start any domains anymore (since due to the
lost watches no events reach the backends then anymore).


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