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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] [xendomains] Make absolutely certain xendomains won't start a domain that has failed to restore

In testing the xendomains init script, we have discovered a condition in
which xm restore <vm1> will complete successfully, but the xendomains
script nonetheless attempts to create <vm1> from scratch. Any domain
with an entry in XENDOMAINS_AUTO that was also automatically paused on
shutdown is vulnerable to this problem. We believe the sequence of
events is as follows:

1. xm restore guest1
2. xend pauses guest1 and waits N seconds for hotplug to complete
3. hotplug does not complete (for some reason), so xm restore finishes,
but guest1 is still in paused state (not destroyed after failure)
4. xm create guest1 is run
5. original paused guest1 grabs the hotplug devices from the new guest1
6. original guest1 is now running
7. new guest1 is waiting for devices which were stolen

This results in a running guest1 and a paused guest1; if an operator
then attempts to unpause the paused guest1, storage corruption or worse
could result.

This patch checks the contents of XENDOMAINS_SAVE before the restore
process begins, and prevents xendomains from attempting to start any
domain that appears there, whether the domain started successfully or

Signed off by: Hugh Brock <hbrock@xxxxxxxxxx>

diff -ruN xen-3.0.3_0-src-orig/tools/examples/init.d/xendomains 
--- xen-3.0.3_0-src-orig/tools/examples/init.d/xendomains       2006-10-15 
08:22:03.000000000 -0400
+++ xen-3.0.3_0-src-new/tools/examples/init.d/xendomains        2006-12-06 
15:05:27.000000000 -0500
@@ -204,12 +204,14 @@
+    saved_domains=" "
     if [ "$XENDOMAINS_RESTORE" = "true" ] &&
        contains_something "$XENDOMAINS_SAVE"
         mkdir -p $(dirname "$LOCKFILE")
        touch $LOCKFILE
        echo -n "Restoring Xen domains:"
+       saved_domains=`ls $XENDOMAINS_SAVE`
        for dom in $XENDOMAINS_SAVE/*; do
            echo -n " ${dom##*/}"
            xm restore $dom
@@ -234,9 +236,14 @@
        # Create all domains with config files in XENDOMAINS_AUTO.
        # TODO: We should record which domain name belongs 
        # so we have the option to selectively shut down / migrate later
+       # If a domain statefile from $XENDOMAINS_SAVE matches a domain name
+       # in $XENDOMAINS_AUTO, do not try to start that domain; if it didn't 
+       # restore correctly it requires administrative attention.
        for dom in $XENDOMAINS_AUTO/*; do
            echo -n " ${dom##*/}"
-           if is_running $dom; then
+           shortdom=$(echo $dom | sed -n 's/^.*\/\(.*\)$/\1/p')
+           echo $saved_domains | grep -w $shortdom > /dev/null
+           if [ $? -eq 0 ] || is_running $dom; then
                echo -n "(skip)"
                xm create --quiet --defconfig $dom

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