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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC][PATCH] 2/3] [TOOLS][XENTRACE] Update tools to write data to disk in a known endian'ness.

> >                                                             I did wonder
> > if perhaps some sort of trace file header would be useful, giving
> > metadata.  For instance, a record of what dom0 / Xen builds were being
> > used, and type of machine might be useful.
> I did think about doing something similar.  I though I could steal the
> high 16bits of the first CPU number in the file as a xentrace format
> version number.  Sure this would limit us to 64k CPUs but we can deal
> with that limit later ;P

Since traces are typically not going to be longlived but used for 
problem-specific debugging work, I think we can probably just make a clean 
break and define a new format.

Is anybody is really relying on the trace format being stable?  Please speak 
up now :-)


> >                           A future extensible format would be a plus too,
> > I guess.  None of this is strictly necessary, it just might help with
> > organising trace files.
> You spoke in more detail about that in another email so I'll keep the
> discussion there.
> Yours Tony
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