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[Xen-devel] [patch 00/10] libelf and the new domain builder


This is a patchset with the rewritten domain builder for the xen tools.

The ELF parsing bits of the domain builder rewrite have been factored
out recently, so the patchset adds these first and the domain builder
on top of that.

The ELF parser code is used by both xen kernel (for the dom0 builder)
and the tools (via libxc).  It switches endianess and elfsize at
runtime.  We'll need that for 32-on-64 support comming soon and it
likely also is handy for the bigendian experiments some ia64 guys
are doing.

The new domain builder builds on top of libelf.  It's a redesign and
major rewrite of the domU generic domain builder.  I've tried to make
all architectures use the same code as far as possible to avoid
cut&paste of code (and bugs!).  It is also prepared to handle 32-on-64,
only the hypercalls for the mode setting need to be added.

Current state:
  x86_32(p), x86_64
    - should work without problems.
    - not looked yet at the dom0 builder.
    - tools are compile-tested now and then, they should at least
      build and might even work although that is completely untested.
    - some code lines are there.  It is incomplete and I didn't even
      compile it.

The patches (and a few more ...) are also available for download from

Reviews, questions, comments are welcome.
Also patches of course, especially for !x86 ...




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