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[Xen-devel] [RFC][PATCH] 0/3] [V3] Update xentrace to be compatable with PPC.

Hello All,
        This Patch series updates xentrace such that it will compile and work
correctly (assuming underlying hypervisor support) on all architectures.
Also allowing trace files captured on one architecture to be portable to other
systems with no changes to tools.

Essentially the patches do:
 1. Use unit64_t instead of unsigned long.
    I did attempt to leave "data" as unsigned long, but in 64bit mode this will
    not compile on ppc.  Using explicitly sized types in shared 
    header files is arguably cleaner IMO.
 2. Make the xentrace tool (xentrace copies the xentrace buffers from xen
    memory to disk) write data in network byte order.
 3. Various cleanups.
    This patch is optional.

These patches have been tested on ppc64 and x86_32, and datafiles transported
between said hosts.

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