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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/2] libfsimage

> > [Apparently, libresierfs is moribund and doesn't actually support 
> > current v3 filesystems anyhow. We need to look at other ways of 
> > pulling kernels out.]
> Ugh.  So is pygrub non-functional on Novell/SuSE systems on reiserfs?
> Or are they using a patched libreiserfs?

They use domUloader, which mounts the filesystem and copies out the
kernels. I worry that a maliciously crafted fs image would compromise
> > As I understand it, John's scheme doesn't necessarily prevent using 
> > the existing libraries -- you could have external binaries linked 
> > against the existing libraries, or you could choose to 
> statically link 
> > if your distro didn't normally include those libraries.
> Well, the patches as presented moved all the reiser/ext2 
> knowledge into pygrub itself.  I'm certainly not opposed to 
> changes to the pygrub interface, just to unnecessary 
> replicating of fs-specific code inside the Xen tools.

I most confess to not atually having read the patches...  What I
imagined was a way of invoking a binary (or script) to read a file from
a filesystem. The binary might be linked against e.g. libext2fs, or have
an fs parsing implementation compiled in.


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