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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH][VNC Auth] Fix qemu-dm becomes defunct when rebooting hvm domain

On 25/10/06 11:07 pm, "Masami Watanabe" <masami.watanabe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sorry, I should not have removed infomation on xend.

  image.py, line 399, in configVNC
    config.remove(['vncpasswd', vncpasswd_vmconfig])

When vncpasswd is removed, qemu-dm cannot be started in reboot of hvm domain.
Because necessary information disappears.
It cannot be helped though information in config list remains in xenstore.

This patch corrects above.

That would mean that you’d fall back to the default VNC password though, right? Why would it cause qemu to fail to restart and become a defunct process?

 -- Keir
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