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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH - resend] addition of loglevel for printf in Xen HV

On 26/10/06 4:16 pm, "Steven Rostedt" <srostedt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Another thought... By pushing the rate-limiting into printk() itself, we
>> lose the ability to print all-or-nothing for related blocks of printk (e.g.,
>> register dumps). We might want a 'same as previous line' specifier, which
>> would print/not-print same as previous output line?
> Hmm, I wonder if we should have a XENLOG_CRASH level which is above
> XENLOG_ERR.  This will be when the system is actually taking a dump, and
> we want to show everything.  Or just simply force the thresholds to max
> just before showing the crash print outputs.  Or add a variable to know
> we are in the process of crashing, and have printk ignore the print rate
> limit if that's the case, similar to the oops_in_progress of Linux.

We dump registers for guest crashes too, and it'd be nice to have those
disable-able. I think going for a first cut without worrying about this is
fine. We can finesse things later. It'll be a mega-big patch as it is!

 -- Keir

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