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[Xen-devel] Patch for expanding the vbd devices

Hi all.

My name is Hidetoshi Nishi, work for FUJITSU.

I make a patch for expanding the vbd devices up to 256.

And I tested the patch, I have following problem.

If the guest's kernel has SCSI driver already, guest's kernel gets major 
number when guest is initialized, even though guest config file not 
includes sdx device.
And after guest is initialied, I try to attach vbd using block-attach as 
sdx, attached vbd can't get major number of SCSI, because SCSI driver 
get the major number already. Then I can't attach vbd.

Accordingly I made SCSI driver to be moduled, and I tried to test the 

I try to increse vbd devices up to 120, and it seems be O.K.

Best regards,                                       Nishi

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