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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][RESEND] Better error reporting in config file parsing errors


I lost some time today using xm create, while invoking 'xm create cfg',
because I accidentally had a file called 'cfg' in my current working
directory. As the error dumping refers only to 'cfg', it revealed itself
somehow tricky to figure out.

I'm attaching a patch that informs the complete path of the file being
processing, besides giving a more complete error message that would give
more valuable input to help finding any issues.

Signed-off-by: Glauber de Oliveira Costa <gcosta@xxxxxxxxxx>

Glauber de Oliveira Costa
Red Hat Inc.
"Free as in Freedom"
--- xen-3.0.3-testing-11633/tools/python/xen/xm/opts.py.orig    2006-09-28 
18:52:39.000000000 -0400
+++ xen-3.0.3-testing-11633/tools/python/xen/xm/opts.py 2006-10-20 
16:59:35.000000000 -0400
@@ -483,11 +483,8 @@ class Opts:
         'path'    search path
         'defconfig' script name
-        for x in [ '' ] + self.vals.path.split(':'):
-            if x:
-                p = os.path.join(x, self.vals.defconfig)
-            else:
-                p = self.vals.defconfig
+        for x in [ os.path.curdir ] + self.vals.path.split(':'):
+            p = os.path.join(x, self.vals.defconfig)
             if os.path.exists(p):
                 self.info('Using config file "%s".' % p)
                 self.load(p, help)
@@ -518,6 +515,10 @@ class Opts:
         exec cmd in globs, locs
             execfile(defconfig, globs, locs)
+        except SyntaxError,e:
+                raise SyntaxError, \
+                "Errors were found at line %d while processing %s:\n\t%s"\
+                %(e.lineno,defconfig,e.text)
             if not help: raise
         if help:
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