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RE: [Xen-devel] [Patch] Add hardware CR8 acceleration for TPRaccessing

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>> Cui, Dexuan
>> Sent: 24 October 2006 10:35
>> To: Betak, Travis
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>> Subject: RE: [Xen-devel] [Patch] Add hardware CR8 
>> acceleration for TPR accessing
>> Hi, Travis,
>> Is there anything in SVM similar to TPP-threshold in VMX?
>> If no, I really need to find a better place for the 
>> vlapic_update_tpr_threshold().
>I don't think that's the question/statement: any code in hvm 
>directory should be guaranteed to be callable by both Intel 
>and AMD code. The code you've just added makes direct use of 
>the vmwrite instruction, which there isn't a corresponding 
>instruction for in AMD processors. 

Sure, it's a guideline.

>[Whether it makes sense to call it for an AMD processor is a 
>completely different question - it's the principle that the 
>code in the hvm directory should be "architecture independent"]. 
>You may need to implement another function-pointer in the hvm 
>structure to be able to do this... 

I think the point here is, how much we can share the common code, if we
can get more common idea on this topic between VMX and SVM, the code
could be cleaner :-)


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