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Re: [Xen-devel] shadow2 corrupting PV guest state

Hi Tim,

You (Tim.Deegan) said:
>>> Are you worried about a race where the foreign domain is destroyed and
>>> another domain created, with the same struct domain pointer, and which
>>> owns the same frame, between the __acquire_grant_for_copy() and the
>>> get_page()?
>>   No, I'm worried that two domains use with same page frame.
>>   The released pages can be used by new domain, but old domain sturct
>> exists between domain_kill and domain_destroy.
> If the released frames are used by a new domain, get_page() will fail:
> the old domain still exists (we have a reference to it), so the new
> owner's domain pointer must be different from the one we pass to
> get_page.

  In my investigation, get_page() assumes that the page frame is in
use. But, the page_info structure of released page frame should not
be treated as inuse. Thus the nd value might be invalid value in this
situation, I think.

static inline int get_page(struct page_info *page,
                           struct domain *domain)
    u32 x, nx, y = page->count_info;
    u32 d, nd = page->u.inuse._domain;    /* <<=== THIS LINE */
    u32 _domain = pickle_domptr(domain);

    do {
        x  = y;
        nx = x + 1;
        d  = nd;
        if ( unlikely((x & PGC_count_mask) == 0) ||  /* Not allocated? */
             unlikely((nx & PGC_count_mask) == 0) || /* Count overflow? */
             unlikely(d != _domain) )                /* Wrong owner? */
            if ( !_shadow_mode_refcounts(domain) )
                DPRINTK("Error pfn %lx: rd=%p, od=%p, caf=%08x, taf=%"
                        PRtype_info "\n",
                        page_to_mfn(page), domain, unpickle_domptr(d),
                        x, page->u.inuse.type_info);
            return 0;
        __asm__ __volatile__(
            LOCK_PREFIX "cmpxchg8b %3"
            : "=d" (nd), "=a" (y), "=c" (d),
              "=m" (*(volatile u64 *)(&page->count_info))
            : "0" (d), "1" (x), "c" (d), "b" (nx) );    /* <<=== THIS LINE */
    while ( unlikely(nd != d) || unlikely(y != x) );

    return 1;

- Tsunehisa Doi

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