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Re: [Xen-devel] shadow2 corrupting PV guest state


You (Tim.Deegan) said:
>>   * Before shadow2 age, x86 and ia64 use same logic for domain
>>     destruction.
>>     - at first, release gnttab references
>>     - destruct page table for VCPU
>>     - destruct P2M table for domain
>>     - relinquish memory for domain
>>   * After shadow2 age, x86 introduces delayed P2M table destruction.
>>     - release gnttab references
>>     - destruct page table for VCPU
>>     - relinquish memory for domain
>>     - destruct P2M table for domain in domain_destroy()
>>     *** I don't have confidence in my investigation. 
>>     *** Am I right ?
> Yep.  The P2M table can't be destroyed in domain_relinquish_resources,
> as it is needed when pulling down grant references, and foreign domains
> may have outstanding grant references to the dying domain's memory even
> after domain_relinquish_resources.


 I've supposed that the introduce of P2M table delayed destruction was
for gnttab_copy feature indeed. It seems that other grant table
references are released with gnttab_release_mapping() in domain_kill().

>>   If my speculation is correct, shadow2 may occur a problem of memory
>> corruption.
> I don't follow quite why this would lead to memory corruption.  Can you
> explain?

  I'll try to explain it.

  Basically, the referencee should not be released during to exist the
referencer, I think.

  In domain_kill phase, domain_relinquish_resource releases a memory
of destroying domain. So, the memory may use other domain. But, P2M
table of the domain exists, then the memory might be corrupted by

  In __gnttab_copy code, it will avoid to corrupt a memory that was
used in destroying domain with __acquire_grant_for_copy and get_page.
But, I think that it has atomicity issue of owner.

  In my opinion, P2M table should be destroyed before releasing memory.
So, if gnttab_copy will use it, it shall be failed as invalid access,
because the gnttab_copy doesn't have to succeed during the domain

  What do you think about ?

- Tsunehisa Doi

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