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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] [2/5] put xen console message into syslog

On 20/10/06 5:59 pm, "Anthony Liguori" <anthony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> [2/5] add xenlogd daemon for xen console logging
> Instead of adding yet another daemon to Xen, why not just add this
> functionality to xenconsoled?
> Seems like an appropriate place for it.

Yes, I'm going to sort through the patches and apply the useful hypervisor
and library pieces, but we don't want another daemon. Adding xen-console and
persistent-logging support to xenconsoled is the way to go. The only
question then is what is the right way to configure it (e.g., to tell it
what to log to syslogd, or to a file, or send via a socket)? I think
configuration via xenbus nodes written by xend would be reasonable -- allows
dynamic configuration changes e.g., as domains come and go.

 -- Keir

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