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Re: [Xen-devel] RE: [Xen-users] HVM WinXP dom crash (with 3.0.3 too)

On 19/10/06 7:09 pm, "jdsw" <jdsw2002@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 4. Network problem : Any ideas ? It is very
> inconvenient to use Dom0 when N/w (name resolution)
> does not work!!

I don't have any ideas about this one I'm afraid. I haven't heard reports of
anything similar.

> 5. WinXP HVM on AMD : quite disappointed. My
> understanding was the Xen has better support for AMD
> than intel and associated chipset.
>    I would be glad to provide information or try out
> things, if it can help diagnose the problem and in the
> process make next version of Xen a better platform.
> Anyone else, if they have succeeded with AMD, would
> like to learn more from their experiences.

I was being rather pessimistic. There have been reported successes with
WinXP, for sure. Unfortunately it's hard to know specifically what your
problem might be -- it might be as simple as having an option in your config
file set incorrectly, pushing you into an untested configuration. I see that
Wei Huang has just posted some settings that have been tested and are known
to work -- you should definitely try those!

 -- Keir

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