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Re: [Xen-devel] PAE issue (32-on-64 work)

Keir Fraser wrote:

On 19/10/06 17:19, "Joe Bonasera" <joe.bonasera@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The code path in Solaris currently supports 2 possibilities for PAE top level
tables. The normal code we use on bare metal allocates only 1 page
that all cpu's share for the the top level page table. For
example, cpu0 uses the 1st four quads for its current process'
L3, cpu1 uses the next four, etc. On context switch or cr3 reload
we (re)copy in the 4 entries of the process for that CPU's section
of the page.

That code path is, as so much of the 32 bit PAE support, a special
case. So it was easily turned off and made to just use
an entire page for each unique top level L3 on Xen.  I did that just for
my initial bring up on PAE Xen, but was hoping to go back to some
form of the optimized version next.

You should just allocate a page-sized L3 per process and be done with it. A
page overhead per process is nothing to be concerned about (clearly the
overhead can be even bigger if, for example, you run 4-level tables on
x86_64). Recopying the L3 entries every TLB flush will *not* perform well on
current Xen.

Well we actually don't do complete TLB flushes very often at all, essentially
only the first time a new L3 entry is created by a running process which
for most processes means never - as >1Gig processes are rare.
So it shouldn't matter if they hit one or two slowish flushes.

Are there any other performance implications to watch out for?


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