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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/3] Add support for OpenBSD

On 18 Oct 2006, at 17:11, Keir Fraser wrote:

On 17/10/06 17:02, "Christoph Egger" <Christoph.Egger@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I made the xen kernel buildable on OpenBSD.
The first patch touches the buildsystem.

Why is elf_{i386,x86_64}_obsd needed? Is OpenBSD so very special it needs
its own linkage target architecture?

ld on OpenBSD complains that elf_i386 and elf_x86_64 are not supported.
It expects elf_i386_obsd or elf_x86_64_obsd respectively.

Okay. I applied a modified form of your patch which puts common definitions
in config/StdGNU.mk.

I applied your second patch, but not the third (SSP/ProPolice) one as I don't understand why it's needed. If there's some extra magic in OpenBSD's gcc, I hope there is a flag we can specify to turn it off for the hypervisor

It's enabled by default in OpenBSD's modified gcc-3.3.5, turn it off with CFLAGS+= -fno-stack-protector


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