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RE: [Xen-devel] PAE issue (32-on-64 work)

>Why not just have a fixed per-vcpu L4 and L3, into which the 4 PAE L3's
>get copied on every cr3 load?
>It's most analogous to what happens today.  

In the shadowing (PAE, 32bit) case (a code path that, as I said, I'd rather
see ripped out). In the general 64-bit case, this would add another
(needless) distinct code path. I think I still like better the idea of clearing
out the final 518 entries.

>We've thought of removing the page-size restriction on PAE L3's in the
>past, but it's pretty low down the priority list as it typically doesn't
>cost a great deal of memory.

Ah. I would have felt different.


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