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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [Patch] Fix blktap to work with a bootloader

On 17/10/06 8:45 pm, "Aron Griffis" <aron@xxxxxx> wrote:

>> On that note, _please_ can people submit patches
>>   1. as attachments,
>>   2. with a text/plain MIME type, and preferably
>>   3. using hg export with a decent comment and a Signed-off-by: line in
>> place.
>> It makes life a lot easier!
> if this is what you'd like, it might be helpful if you'd provide
> a patch to mercurial's patchbomb extension (i.e. hg email) to work in
> this manner.  Presently it does inline only.

Inline is fine so long as your email client doesn't mangle the patch.

 -- Keir

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