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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][HVM] fix PCI interrupt routing via ACPI

On 17/10/06 14:26, "Dave Lively" <dave.lively@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> one processor). But bothering to try to emulate better PCI-ISA bridge
>> hardware feels like
>> wasted effort if we can sidestep the entire problem.
> I'm all for sidestepping the problem when that works.  But I worry
> that the requirement
> of supporting PIC mode means we need this general functionality (i.e.,
> PCI interrupt
> routing) anyway.  Since there will be no performance advantage in
> hiding this functionality
> in APIC mode, perhaps we're better off just leaving it there.

I don't believe that PIC mode requires us to support interrupt routing.

 -- Keir

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