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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen PXE solution

On Mon, 2006-10-16 at 13:46 -0400, Ben Thomas wrote:
>         The most important work to be done that I can think of before
>         this can
>         work is to clearly document which parts of memory are occupied
>         by
>         what firmware for HVM domU's and proceed with troubleshooting
>         the
>         memory corruption.
> Is this along the lines of what you are looking for ?

Sure is!  Didn't know this was logged -- it's been awhile since I worked
on this part.

I think it would be useful to document this layout somewhere, probably
on the wiki.  I saw an SMBIOS fix that scared me, because it used
0xc0000 as a scrap area.  Shouldn't hurt anything, since the VGA BIOS is
loaded after the SMBIOS tables, but scares me nonetheless because I
don't know of any documentation for the HVM virtual firmware other than
the code and the logs.


> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) HVM Loader
> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) Detected Xen v3.0-unstable
> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) Writing SMBIOS tables [0009f000 - 0009f140] ...
> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) Loading ROMBIOS [000f0000 - 00100000] ...
> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) Creating MP tables ...
> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) Loading Cirrus VGABIOS [000c0000 - 000c8000] ...
> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) Loading ACPI [000ea000 - 000eb000] ...
> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) Loading VMXAssist [000d0000 - 000d5200] ...
> (XEN) (GUEST: 6) VMX go ...
> I have some questions/concerns about the layout of memory, which is
> why I have this info.
> -b

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