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RE: [Xen-devel] mkinitrd fails on SLES10

I think this is what you need to do:



mk_initrd -k /boot/vmlinuz-2.6-xen -i /boot/initrd-2.6-xen (vmlinuz-2.6-xen is a symbolic link that "make install" should have created for you)

(I am not sure if these steps are required for SLES10. I have had to do them for SLES9)


mv /boot/initrd-2.6-xen /boot/initrd-2.6-xen.gz

gunzip /boot/initrd-2.6-xen.gz




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Subject: [Xen-devel] mkinitrd fails on SLES10




I compiled the Xen-unstable source using the instructions given in the README on “SLES10 GMC”. I used the following commands:


#make world

#make install


The next step was to create an initrd for Xen. I executed the following commands and got the errors.



#mkinitrd -v -f --with=aacraid --with=sd_mod --with=scsi_mod initrd-2.6.16-xen.img 2.6.16-xen

Unknown option: -v

Try mkinitrd -h


I understand that mkinitrd under SLES10 doesn't have the -v and --with options. I added the “aacraid, sd_mod, scsi_mod” to “INITRD_MODULES” section in “/etc/sysfconfig/kernel” and executed


 #mkinitrd initrd-


/sbin/mkinitrd: line 2965: initrd- No such file or directory

No '/' mountpoint specified in initrd-


I could find two mails related to my problem but couldn’t find any solution in the archives.


Can anyone help me in continuing my build of initrd for Xen on SLES10 or point me in the right direction?


Thanks and regards,



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