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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][HVM] fix PCI interrupt routing via ACPI

On 16/10/06 15:51, "Dave Lively" <dave.lively@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What about PIC mode support?  OSes expecting just a PIC may
rely on being able to choose the 4 PCI IRQs.  But I don't know
this for sure.  In fact, I remember Win2003 with the ACPI PIC HAL
was successfully working around this problem (by leaving the PCI
IRQ assignments unchanged), though it complained in the event
log.  I'm not sure whether we can rely on this or not ...

I think it’s unlikely they’d rely on it. If we don’t care about the PIC-mode limitation we could keep the PIIX3 emulation (but I’m not sure that most OSes would bother to switch to APIC mode if they have only one processor). But bothering to try to emulate better PCI-ISA bridge hardware feels like wasted effort if we can sidestep the entire problem.

 -- Keir
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