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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][RFC] do ifdown netdev before shutting down vif0

>>  I've been trying to track down an occasional system hang when doing
>> /etc/xen/scripts/network- bridge stop.  Would it be reasonable to do
> the
>> fdown ${netdev} and then set  ${vif0} down to provide ifdown with a
>> behavior that is as close as possible to a real network card?
> Does this fix the hang? 
> Making changes to this script in the past has been extremely painful as
> it invariably breaks one distro or another --  usually gentoo :)
> Would be good to have some other eyes look at this. 
> Ian

I've been testing this on SLES 10 and the patch doesn't seem to be harmful.  
But like you said, network-bridge is very fragile, so it would be good to get 
input from others. 

>From what I understand this may be a SLES 10 issue where the hang happens when 
>a) the ethernet device used for the external connection is configured for 
>dhcp, and b) there exists at least one process that has been started from a 
>NFS share.  This patch would be part one of a two part fix.  The second part, 
>currently being worked, would address the ifdown/ifdown-dhcp with NFS issue.


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